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INPS was founded in the year 2000. The aim is to provide education in an unconventional & distinct learning environment in the challenging field of MCA for Mathematics, Computers, Reasoning, and English. As a result of our highly qualified faculty and competent teaching strategies.

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All the students starting the preparation for any competitive examination have same goal with same intensity in their minds. There is hardly any difference in the caliber of most of the students; It is style of preparation that makes them stand at different positions after the exams.

One should be confident about his abilities throughout the year. As already mentioned, hardly anyone is superior in the race, it is the focus of attention and devotion that plays the key role, any remarks on a candidate's ability from a second person cannot represent the abilities of that candidate.

Finally don't run for too much material and work honestly on what you get easily. I am sure and confident that if you understand and follow these points properly, no one can stop you from being a success.

Mentioning 'HARD WORK IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS' though this may look childish to the students but hard work is always a substitute to intelligence and sharpness and even the most intelligent student may fall prey if they avoid hard work. 'Honesty and hard work' are the principle backing of anybody's success.

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